Our Vision:

Blue Mountains Aboriginal Culture Resource Centre, an Aboriginal Corporation, commonly known as ACRC (the
Employer), acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Lands of the Dharug people who share country with
the Gundungurra people. We pay respect to the Dharug and Gundungurra Elders, both past, present and those
who arrive into the future. We further extend our respect to other First Nations Community Elders and Families
who reside in the Blue Mountains. Let us all go/walk in good spirit – “Yanamala Budyari Gumada.”

Our newly adopted Dharug phrase, “Yanama Budyari Gumada” – to walk/go with good spirit,
actively works to provide safe spaces to learn and share experiences in respectful ways. We recognise that
we are all on different journeys, although, striving to to do our best to achieve these goals. “Yanama Budyari
Gumada,” sets the foundation for ACRC’s guiding principles.
These are to:
• offer services and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who permanently or temporarily
reside within the Blue Mountains Local Government Area.
• provide a holistic and consultative approach to the delivery of services that will build sustainable social and
lifestyle changes for individuals, families and community;
• provide safe, accessible and reliable services that are culturally appropriate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander People and give culturally supportive referrals to mainstream services.;
• provide outlets and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and non-Aboriginal People to
learn about Aboriginal culture, history as well as current and past issues that affect our community.

Our vision of fostering respect and unity in the Blue Mountains Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community; Strengthening culture through community support whilst empowering and embracing diversity to achieve self-determination is demonstrating, “helpful behaviour.” Unhelpful behaviour is not welcome at ACRC and such situations will be mediated promptly. Our newly adopted Helpful and Harmful Behaviours checklist is one way to keep reminding us of how to be patient, humble and respectful with ourselves and each other.

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm