Aboriginal Family Support

The Aboriginal Family Support worker at the Blue Mountains Aboriginal Culture and Resource Centre is funded under the Aboriginal Child Youth Family Strategy which is a Department of Communities and Justice project in preventative programs.

Our worker works on a full-time basis between the hours of 9am – 4pm Mondays to Thursdays and 9am-1pm Fridays. We have been privileged to receive this funding for a number of years now and currently the funding is for working with Families who have Aboriginal children aged between 0-8 years. Our worker researches, develops, implements, and evaluates appropriate programs which are aimed at giving Aboriginal families opportunities for a quality of life similar to Non Aboriginal families.

Part of our strategies includes engaging families through an outreach service. The outreach service runs every three months at a different venues. We network with other agencies that can provide support to Aboriginal families, while Aboriginal families come together and gain further support.

Other programs that are facilitated under the ACYFS service are the Aboriginal Positive Parenting Program, Cultural Camps, Aboriginal Family Fun Days, visits to Preschools, and Blue Mountains Schools ensuring they have strong Cultural awareness support. We  walk with Aboriginal families to encourage early literacy programs and promote early intervention in sighting disabilities such as ear and eye problems before the children start school.

Please do not hesitate to call Raylee, our Aboriginal Family Support Worker at the centre on 02 4782 6569 or mobile on 0439 028 652, or email on familysupport@acrc.org.au for further information or assistance.

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